Activities & Bylaws


GAIPDM mission is to promote and advance research and education related to learning from images, signals (including spoken and natural language processing), video with emphasis to processing, analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

An importance is granted to the realization of lectures, seminars, intensive lessons and remotely, lessons, organizing of congresses and one-day conferences, creation of libraries, care and issue of magazines and books, as well as to the carrying out of studies and searches, awarding of prizes and granting of scholarships.

GAIPDM undertakes and carries out relative education-activities, develops contacts on international level and exchanges relative scientific information, issues scientific printed matter, as magazines, information-pamphlets etc. It undertakes and performs or participates in searching programs of national, European and in general of international bearers, it invites scientists of recognized authority for lectures and exchange of scientific judgments. It contracts and joins similar scientific associations or unions of interior or abroad with similar aims and subject for the promotion of unique programs, it accedes to similar unions in Greece or in abroad, creates groups or committees of special interests and maintains sites for the better and most perfect communication and informing of its members. It attends every new evolution of Technology, so that he participates in every innovation and possibility that the new evolution offers.

GAIPDM in none case functions as speculative corporation. All revenues are disposed for its aims.

For the fulfillment of these aims, GAIPDM will address itself to every Public and Private Educational Organization, Authority and Service, Organization of Local Self-administration, State-Services and Government Organs, in Greece and abroad for the promotion of the scientific conclusions and exchange of scientific information with purpose the promotion of the science.

GAIPDM is able to fulfill its aims with the organizing of seminars and coaching-lessons, with the creation and care of publications and granting of information, relative to its sector.